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Hi all,

Changes to the Irish Rail website and developer APIs have caused some problems with Dublin Rail and Ireland Rail.

A Dublin Rail update has been submitted to apple for approval, and should be available in the App Store soon. This will resolve the "No trains listed" issue.

An Ireland Rail update will be submitted tomorrow too, which will resolve any related issues.

Apologies for the inconvenience in the meantime.


Ireland Rail iPhone App Released

Ireland Rail has finally been approved and is now available on the App Store.

Ireland Rail allows you to check timetable information for trains running to and from all Irish Rail stations in Ireland. This includes Intercity services, Dart, suburban commuter services etc.

The journey planner lets you select your origin, destination and departure time. The App will show your full journey, including any changes and connecting trains, buses or trams you have to take.

You can fine-tune your search by selecting earlier or later trains on the results screen.

Buy Ireland Rail now on the App Store

Screenshot showing the journey planner:

Dublin Rail iPhone App Released

The months of procrastination are over - Dublin Rail for iPhone is finished and has been approved by Apple for sale on the App Store.

Dublin Rail allows the user to check arrival times for Dublin Dart trains. Check out the blurb below.

For support, please email

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Dublin Rail
Click here to download Dublin Rail

Check when your next train will arrive!

See up-to-the-minute information on Dublin's Dart train arrival times. Times are available for all Dublin Dart stations using live data from Irish Rail, so if your train is late, you'll know about it. Stay for that coffee if it's running behind!

For commuters and frequent Dart users, the app can save different station settings to be used automatically each morning and evening. This allows you to conveniently check Dart times daily, with a single tap.

You can also check arrival times for any other station without saving.

A must for Dart users!

Key features:
- Live train information from Irish Rail shows you all incoming trains for the next hour
- Save the stations of your daily / regular trips so the app automatically knows which station to check for arrivals
- Attractive app with professional graphic design

Dublin Rail App Screenshots

Main screen showing live information for southbound trains arriving at Connolly station over the next hour.

Settings screen, allowing you to choose station and direction.

Set the app to automatically use specified settings in the morning or evening. For example, if you start the app in the morning, it will automatically load arrival times for your saved "AM" station and direction.